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We're not Gonna Take it Anymore!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

We are an Earth uniting after the Global Freedom Rally on Saturday September the 18th! In Melbourne, Australia it has continued, with our thousands of Construction workers taking to the streets protesting yesterday. They began outside the CFMEU Union offices yesterday, after they threatened to mandate vaccinations and QR Code tracking of all individuals on sites.

After months of lockdowns from Daniel Andrews, Victorians have been pushed to the edge in a revolt that makes the Eureka Stockade, look like a drop in the ocean. The Construction workers tearooms were closed and hours reduced to 6 only per day, with no overtime available, there are many marching for many reasons.

Tensions were high yesterday as protesters demanded to see CFMEU Victorian State Secretary John Setka, he came out 4 hours later with his own personal heavy wearing knuckle dusters. It is rumoured he was arranging his friends within bike gangs to come and set upon his members, there was visible scuffles shortly before the riot squad came to once again threaten the people. The front doors of the CFMEU were eventually compromised and today remain boarded up, with Construction workers beginning protest again today. The CFMEU media release claims the crowd to be "infiltrated with neo-nazi and right wing extremist groups" condemning the violence, despite that fact that Melbourne's multicultural society was clearly on display.

From my new home in Queensland, I look back on my beautiful city of Melbourne with the 70K other viewers as the chaos unfolds. Our construction workers march from these CFMEU headquarters to Parliament, house where they sit peacefully unarmed at the steps in front of riot squad police, with their tear gas guns, armour, horses and shield's. Many more thousands of people from all walks of life, join the construction workers. Trucks blare their horns in support, having created their own truckie blockades recently at our borders, also ignored by the mainstream media.

Censorship is at and all time high and looking at the Melbourne footage from Saturdays freedom rally, you wouldn't have any trouble believing you were looking at a communist country punishing dissenters, because this is exactly what you'll see. We now have few independent media left. One has become a political prisoner, after being arrested and given bail conditions that she stop dissent against the government and demand she disband her fledgling political party. Another independent journalist and his workers are often arrested, having once reported being arrested and dropped back into a random location elsewhere.

Today our only footage is streaming live from independent media Real Rukshan, a gentleman who has been there from the start revealing the truth. The mainstream medias complicity to cover up the truth, now leaves them with blood on their hands for those who have taken the experimental "vaccines" and passed away unreported and for those who have taken their own lives, from the strain caused by the lockdowns. Not one mainstream media outlet reported on a 70 year old woman who was pushed to the ground and then pepper sprayed in the face, whilst she lay there at Saturdays Melbourne Freedom Rally.

The praise and gratitude for our last standing independent media source, Real Rukshan is overwhelming. At this point the Real Rukshan's reporting has gone for 5 straight hours, with members of the crowd assisting him briefly to hold his heavy camera equipment and offering chocolate as he presses on exhausted. You can catch him on Telegram here.

As Real Rukshan films, the protesters continue their protest out of the city, taking to the freeway, with many drivers honking in support! They walk until they reach the Westgate Bridge one of Melbournes most famous construction projects that connects the Melbourne western suburbs, historically the home of vast numbers of blue collar workers. They reach the centre of the bridge, dancing and singing together in merriment under the Australian flag. They then begin the long march back down off the bridge, the honking of cars and trucks whose drivers agree, increases to deafening levels.

The crowd is met with the riot squad at the end of the bridge, their large black coach buses that carry the Police in are visible, and protesters begin to jump barriers rushing into oncoming traffic to escape. The protesters avoid the riot squad who start shooting their rubber bullets and firing tear gas, they funnel out anyway possible, only to come back on to the same road they were on, heading back into the city. The crowd is too large for the Victorian Police to manage, even if they were interested in doing a good job of it to start with.

Yet we are to believe this is all in the name of our health. A registered nurse in the comments of the video, comments to the trolls to "shut the F up. These guys are heroes". Our nurses are fully aware of whats going on, but gagged by their own regulating bodies, they too are standing up in droves. But Melbourne, Australian workers and taxpayers have spoken and the main consensus seems to be"f*#& Dan Andrews" and it seems the 70K watching would agree, along with another protest that has erupted simultaneously with 1,000's of others in the city.

My wish is for the safety of all freedom fighters everywhere and the brave men and women who stand for our New Earth -

Namaste my brothers and sisters

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