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We're Done Just Talking About a Revolution!

With the Globalist Plans for control keeping us constantly on our toes, its proving challenging keeping up with everything thats happening, in a world when it's all happening at once!

From where I sit in my backyard enjoying sunshine (while its still free) and fresh air in an unlimited supply, you can almost forget that the world is in the throes of a global awakening, perpetuated by a global depopulation plan. But when I leave the house to run errands with my mask-less face, I feel the anxiety starting, as I'm waiting in line. My heart beats out of control, as my brain is already anticipating the potential harassment from other shoppers or staff, who mistakenly advocate unlawful mandates, imposed by a Government they somehow still trust.

I can still see myself in the faces of those who comply, only to avoid confrontation. Some I see however have the expression of the cows on the slaughterhouse truck ride. Some are blissfully unaware, whilst a good number the ones with the sad eyes, they know that the cows who get on that truck, never come back to the farm again.

It is however unfortunately our place to face the confrontation. To push back, to not comply with illegal orders, learn our rights and stand for our freedom. Each moment is an opportunity to practise what we are learning, and apply it to our 3 Dimensional shared reality.

With so many huge uprisings - France, Greece, South Africa and Cuba, all being ignored by the mainstream media, it really is incredible to watch the machine at work in its finest hour. Watching the few with the fate of humanity in its hands, create divisive tactics to keep us further apart and disconnected, spewing lie after lie, with the accidental occasional truth. They proclaim our rights to basic living, now require a bioweapon, an experimental concoction so deadly in the animal trials, that they gave up and the global population is now the human trial. This is what's required in order to return to normality they say.

Thankfully many have seen through the science of fear and mass control tactics. Unfortunately many haven't and I find myself thinking how many of those who stopped talking to me, will take the bio weapon and succumb, before the full disclosure becomes apparent to them. I believe we each have a soul contract - each one of us contributing to the awakening of humanity, some unfortunately paying with their lives, so that we may see.

We know our world will never be the same, thank goodness for that - what will our new world look like however, as we emerge from the chaos? I've attended more rallies, protests and petitioning's than you can poke a stick at in 2021. An opportunity to meet so many wonderful, inspirational and brave people, assisting others to gain confidence and strength as they awaken to the truth, their rights and their role in a world re-birthing itself. I have cried listening to the courageous recounts from Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors, I have felt despondent learning some are happier to save their livelihoods, than their fellow man - but

I feel this is what we all came to do. We grow stronger and build greater networks - stepping into a new purpose for a newly emerging world.

The conscious understanding that each of us is in this experience, is a perspective of the collective whole, that will never forget this moment, nor allow it to be perpetuated in the future - makes the most sense to me. So where are we headed next? I see the strong people and children I meet in a version of the future, free from the tyranny of corrupt Governments, free from the enslavement of the World Banking System and the regular use of Globalists Depopulation Agendas.

As I type, I'm hearing there's been 1 case, yes 1 reported case - not death in the whole 1,727,000 square kilometres of my state in Queensland, Australia. So I'm sure we will no doubt be locked down in time for the weekends Rallies planned all around Australia and of course the world. I think this puts the almost the whole country of Australia in lockdown at this point. Indicating to me those holding onto an unravelling narrative, may be a little panicked.

I'm currently serving a 3 day ban from FakeBook for sharing the news of 45,000 deaths from the Bio Weapon in the US and as you may know the real Election results (as if it wasn't obvious enough already) are finding their way into our feeds. So it seems the time has come...we're certainly done just talking about a Revolution.

Namaste :)

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