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We are One but We are Many

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Day 3 of Melburnians protesting for Freedom. Freedom of medical choice and non mandated "vaccines" in workplaces. Freedom from future tyrannical health measures lockdowns and curfews that ruins livelihoods, health and mental health. Freedom of movement without being tracked and traced electronically. Freedom of assembly to protest against the Government. Freedom of medical privacy and doctor patient confidentiality.

Again today, I watched peaceful protesters begin to join one another in Melbourne's city streets, preparing to march for freedom once again. Unbeknownst to a young woman who was walking in the wrong place at the wrong time, as she was soon tackled to the ground by a member of the riot squad, who threatened her briefly before releasing her, to join the other members of the squad who ran further ahead. It wasn't long before the riot squad at the front of the protest, once again began shooting rubber bullets into the crowd. During the chaos we see another man is tackled to the ground by 5 police officers and despite his protests that he cannot breathe, they keep him further held down before finally allowing him to lift his bleeding face to the camera.

The riot squad drive in their black Police Rescue Vehicle, potentially one of the "new police tactics" mentioned in that mornings police media release regarding the protests. It seems an inadequately named vehicle at this point in time.

The crowd disperses into buildings and some protesters make their way to the Shrine of Remembrance, gathering peacefully on the stairs. They once again are met by the police riot squad. There is a moment they remove their gas masks, to the excitement and cheering of the crowd, a moment of hope and potential has been sparked, and for a second in that moment there are thoughts that police might take a knee and stand with the people, as they have requested. But it wasn't to be, with more riot squad gathering in and eventually moving closer to the peaceful crowd, as they sit on the concrete, some picnicking others riding bikes or holding their signs.

Protesters offer a member of the squad a bottle of water and move forward to begin peaceful talks with police. And for that brief moment, if you looked past the shields, goggles, armour and tear gas guns, it almost resembles the normality we once knew and lived in, a land of reason we left long ago. One of the riot squad officers engages in conversation, suggesting that there is a route that has been created down St Kilda Rd, for those that wished to leave peacefully. But the protesters are wary, having been hurt many times on their way home before, after being told to leave and doing as instructed.

A woman on a megaphone calls for a minutes silence, for the 2 construction workers who committed suicide and all of the others who have also taken their lives during these harsh times. Both protesters and riot squad observe the minutes silence, before returning to chanting their displeasure at Daniel Andrews the State Premier of Victoria, then returning once again to sing our national anthem, Advance Australia Fair.

The crowd begins to report that Avi Yemini, another independent media reporter for Rebel News Australia, has been removed from the area which if confirmed, is consistent with the video I viewed earlier, where police were trying to force him out of the area, stating he needed to get in contact with the Police Media Unit.

Meanwhile the crowd continues to chant "everyday", a reference to their plan to protest daily. Others call out our Governments as pedophiles, potentially referencing the 28 alleged pedophile Politicians, including a former Prime Minister and a Judge, named in police documents in a Wood Royal Commission.

The voice of reason a gentleman on a megaphone attempts to create peace and understanding with the police, highlighting the fact that the words freedom and mandate cannot co-exist in the same sentence. He pleads for them to move aside so that the crowd can leave and be free to come back tomorrow, before he and the crowd break into a chorus of "We are Australians"

Many red sovereign flags can be seen on the steps of the Shrine, a sign that more Australians have begun to innerstand our loss of sovereignty. The police signal to continue negotiations with the group and 2 young woman attempt conversations, unable to hear due to the noise level of the crowd who are clearly distrustful of the possibility of any fair negotiations.

Another gentleman takes the microphone pleading with the protesters to sit down and listen. He acknowledges the diversity of those present, construction workers, doctors, nurses, teachers even the police. He pleads for the protesters to continue the peaceful protest to come back tomorrow as "the police have given their word". The crowd chants "we win" as 57.4K continue to watch Real Rukshans live stream.

The riot squad symbolically moves back, whilst those with mega phones attempt to get the leaderless crowd to move on. Some in the crowd move off, content with having proved their point today. Others walk off thanking the police, organising amongst themselves to return the following day. Some remain atop the Shrine, seemingly unmoving, whilst others collect rubbish in respect for the grounds. The police continue to move further back as some within the crowd begin to sing "Hey hey goodbye".

Negotiations continue as the crowd, would like to walk back the way in which they've come, the Commander counters that because of their heavy armoured vehicles and buses, they are unable to do so, unless they are in small groups. The crowd still in distrust refuse to be separated and rumours arise that police have already broken their word with protesters being arrested along St Kilda Rd. Police order protesters via mega phone to leave via St Kilda Rd.

The riot squad move in as a woman screams at the police "we are in distress, leave us alone". As the squad surrounds the Shrine, she furthers with screams of "shame on you." The crowd continues to chant to "through the middle", to walk the way in which they came in. 4 police grab a woman from the crowd and carry her away, then the chaos ensues with multiple riot squad shooting rubber bullets at those at the Shrine. The people hurl abuse at the riot squad their only weapon besides social media. The riot squad take the top of the Shrine of Remembrance, our iconic landmark for peaceful reflection of our wartime and peacekeeping heroes.

Shooting can be heard as the crowd disperses to leave, the riot squad again runs after them. Mainstream media outlet Channel 7 can be seen, interesting to see how differently they report this event compared to the notes of someone who watched it unfold for another almost another 5 hours today.

Thank you again for taking a moment to read - I had to leave behind Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy Australia's, bail hearing to view this instead. Thank you Monica Smit and Morgan C Jones for continuing to stand for freedom for us all, great to see you are free after fighting the ridiculous bail conditions imposed upon you. Let's see what tomorrow brings, in the birthing of our New Earth ❤️


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