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Transformation in The Great Awakening

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Transformation would be a great word of the day! We are watching our world be simultaneously united and divided. We’re seeing some global Governments pushing a fear narrative, deciding who can earn a living, who can’t and using Police in some countries and states to crush political dissent. This volatile situation, although causing chaos at times – is driving our Great Awakening and wow, what a time to be alive!

I didn’t feel like this yesterday however, yesterday I felt – well just angry really. Not the emotion I expected to feel after attending the Melbourne Freedom Day Event. I attended the event on high alert, having seen previous Melbourne protest footage of Police pepper spraying people, detaining them for 3 hours and kettle-ing people together in order to pull them out 1 by 1 to arrest them.

Thankfully nothing of the sort happened – it was instead, fantastic and I wished I brought my family! We gathered in small groups, wearing yellow for unity – children on picnic rugs blew bubbles and there was dancing, hula hooping and a kombucha cart, as we listened to music and key-note speakers comprising of Doctors, Lawyers, Activists and former Police, sharing the common- sense approach to not consenting to “The Great Reset” and the “New Normal”. View the lawyers speech here.

It was so wonderful to see many professionals coming together to share their knowledge and skills, so that we the people can begin to make some inroads, toward dismantling this Globalist Communist Agenda being forced upon us all. I was heartened to watch footage today also, of more doctors around the globe speaking up and speaking out, as part of the World Freedom Alliance.

But the real highlight of Freedom Day for me, was meeting up with my local volunteer group - we raise funds and awareness as part of Operation Underground Road. Rise Up for Children AU NZ, is our group, we stand for the end to Human Trafficking and transparency of the 90 year Suppression Order of Australian Pedophile Politicians, named in the police documents of a buried Wood Royal Commission.

So yes, yesterday I was feeling a trite angry, frustrated, challenged and exhausted! I was angry that more people weren’t standing up, waking up and doing something. Frustrated with those who refuse to do their own research. Challenged by my own emotional rollercoaster and exhausted for our Global Family.

And the ever- present question remains, will it be enough – will we make it in time before vaccinations begin to take place, in what can only be described as the largest Human Experimentation of all time. however would have you believe that this is not human experimentation. They would have you believe and that the Nuremberg Code was used in relation to drug and medical testing, related to a Nazi ideological view of racial superiority. They blatantly ignore the facts of Bill Gates Eugenics family history, the 496,000 paralysed vaccine damaged children in India, and Robert F Kennedy Jnr who is vocally exposing Gates experimentation on “lesser humans”.

So, with friends like – who needs enemies. Unfortunately, what we need is lawsuits and they are costly, require professionals who aren’t corrupt and this process all takes time.

What do we do then, how do we awaken others? When we realise we are in a war for our minds – what we are left with, is what we feed our mind and heart and where we stand for humanity. So regardless of the division of family and friends, I read, watch, educate self and share, plant seeds. The mass censoring of information, means we have this tool, we have this power and this power is working. Don’t back down on your stance to protect those you love, from what they can’t see – take the action they would take if they could see. It is the time before dawn, that the morning is coldest.

If you’re feeling a little bit tired, a little bit exhausted in this battle for our minds – I’m there with you. Remember to care for yourself during these unprecedented times, I love Sylvia’s blog for finding new amazing soul nourishing recipes. Try my 15 min guided relax vid or listening to relaxing music and spending time in your heart, listing all that you already have that you are grateful for. Do something that makes you smile and most importantly, keep learning. If you’re looking for a way to further your inward journey during this time and transform your internal world, check out my website for some free online course events, because together we will transform.

And if you're looking for more information, check out my YouTube channel here, while it still standing. Until next time….


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