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Surviving COVID19 2020 + The Great Awakening

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Today is Friday the 13th here in Melbourne, Australia - famous now as the home of the worlds's worst COVID19 lockdowns. I sit here watching the rest of the world go through their own harsh lockdowns now, as our's have momentarily been relieved.

We were previously unlucky enough to experience over 120 days of travel no further than 5km from home, only permitted outside for 1 hour per day for exercise, mandatory masks or fined and arrested (we've seen an abundance of this, with very violent tackling's and bullying of grandmothers, pregnant women and teenage girls), a curfew between 8pm-5am, zero tolerance of freedom of speech, protesting and alternative media.

We've continued to watch the rest of the world experiencing their own versions of chaos, I can say that never in my life have I sent more prayers to the rest of the world. But I was one of the lucky one's, who upon hearing about COVID19 did my research, so could see how all this was going to play out very early on. If you haven't had the chance to research for yourself, you can catch up on my you tube channel here.

These difficult times have shaken us all in many ways, but for the most important purpose to Awaken all of Humanity. And we're close now, even if it doesn't feel so, we're experiencing a mass awakening of consciousness to all that has been hidden for centuries.

COVID19 hit just after I had begun to explore the ancient truths of our hidden history, that have only recently been exposed. The timing was impeccable and enabled me to understand very quickly, just how the deception of humanity had been created and where it all started.

The science in this information also allowed me to understand how we are a created species and who created us. The awakening of humanity is not just awakening to the corruption of our times, but awakening to the deception of all times. It's a return to our true power and potential as human beings.

The work of Gregg Braden has been essential in opening my eyes to the science unlocking these mysteries. He shares not only the new science that exposes the limiting beliefs we’ve held about who we are and where we come from, but also provides this New Human Story with insights into awakening your Evolutionary Potential for Self-healing, Longevity and Super Perception. If you're curious I highly recommend finding out more at a FREE 1 hour online event by clicking here.

So if you're like me and found yourself wondering, what on earth was really going on during these unprecedented times - then join me on this journey to an awakened world!

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