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Stress and The Great Awakening 2020

I'm writing this post on Thursday the 27th of November, so not only for my US readers, but for everyone Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Although it sometimes doesn't seem otherwise, there is much we have to give thanks for! It's definitely been the roughest year for so many around the world, I hope that you are all forgiving yourself, if you don't even know what day of the week it is.

There is so much going on everyday and so much disclosure of corruption, it can be hard to stay grounded. Whether it be through fraudulent elections in the US which, exposes multiple other country's fraudulent elections, through the use of the same systems. Or perhaps it's the exposure of Political bribery and Political Child Exploitation, as we've seen at the highest levels, particularly here in Australia. To understand this further, click to watch the video of Senator Heffernan after viewing police documents here

It's enough to make your head spin really, I guess they don't call it The Great Awakening for nothing! However as I've heard another awakener say, you've got to throw up to feel better, just as you would if you had food poisoning or toxicity, we must acknowledge the problem, so that we can release it and rebuild on a strong foundation.

I know for a lot of people they are confronting a nightmare of a lifetime, just trying to put any food on the table, let alone a turkey. There's violence in the streets, whether that be created by those in opposition, or in some places police violence against the people they are supposed to be protecting. A lot of people are hurting and some have lost loved ones.

My heart is with you all and in the many comments sections of various social media platforms, where I chat with Global Patriots, I know we are all praying for each other and coming together as one, as we awaken to a new understanding of our world not the "reimagining" as proposed by the World Economic Forum.

Here in my home of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, we're busy planning our interstate move to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The borders to Queensland are set to open on the 1st of December and we will be racing to them, as soon as we obtain a property. The lockdowns here were harsh, as harsh as I now see them being declared in the US, UK and Canada.

Our lockdowns resulted in many people taking their own lives and losing their businesses (wow, what a surprise these measures align perfectly with World Economic Forum agenda), and other industries have now slowed, as those cling tightly to what they have left. The state of Victoria here, will take untold time to recover, if it ever does and we will see mass unemployment, loss of housing and ultimately a rise in crime.

So for my family and I, we're making a move for greater freedom from mandates and away from the strong city network signed onto by our Premier. All this rush to leave, means I've dropped some of my own self care routines, in order to find the time to keep up with my volunteering as an abolitionist ending Human Trafficking (discover how you can volunteer or learn more here), building my YouTube, Rumble, Parler and this website rebuild, to assist others in their awakening.

Today I was feeling the effects of dropping my yoga practice and was looking for a way to reconnect in my heart, above and beyond my morning practice of gratitude and meditation (which I do lying down in bed, yes sometimes I fall back to sleep :D) I went through my inbox to discover "Find Inner Strength and Cultivate Resilience" that had been sitting there for a week waiting for me to open it. This free video event was particularly for women, so if you're a woman or know a woman who could do with an hour of me time, to remember how to reconnect with their breath, mindfulness and relaxation through beginner Qigong - this really helped me today, you can check out the 1 hour free here.

This practice was truly beautiful and the conversation was amazing as it relates to women and our global awakening and feminine energy, I highly recommend recharging those batteries. I have a tendency to take on a lot of my families issues, whether they be the immediate or the extended. And with an interstate move on the cards right on Christmas, I might have bitten off more than I can chew - but didn't we all when we decided to incarnate, back at this very particular moment in time!

If you've been stuck in the analytical mind paying close attention to understand whats going on and/or planning the logistics of Thanksgiving and Christmas - please remember to put your oxygen mask on first, so that you're available to assist others.

I am grateful and I am thankful, for the future we are building, as we become conscious of the past. I'm so heartened to see the rest of the 5 Eyes Nations people's stand up for themselves and Sheriffs standing up for the people also. This is the only way we can move forward, as we rise up and transform out of the denser energies of Pisces into the group leadership of the age of Aquarius. To do this we must be conscious, we must be empowered, we must be centred and it will be the will of the people and those who protect it, that will enable us to prosper as a Global Family.

I wish you a lovely rest of your day and look forward to connecting with you again soon!


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