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Stand, Before there's Nothing left to Stand for!

Melburnians continue to hold the line, despite the police harassment and intimidation, a small group gathered on Saturday the 25th of September, outside Luna Park in St Kilda. An eyewitness shares a video, speaking about the 1000’s of police he saw terrorising a small group of young protesters, in what he believed to be a demonstration to deter others, claiming it was “everything but tanks” used as intimidation. The crowds watching saw the people being processed, they watched them being cuffed, sat down and the process of public arrest and processing for all to see. The eyewitness is visibly upset with disbelief of the descent of Victoria into what he describes as “a police state”.

In my location in Queensland, I was blessed to attend the Sunshine Coast Freedom Festival – where for this moment, we can still gather to voice our rejection of mandated medical anything and stand in solidarity for our Victorian and New South Welshman brothers and sisters, still at the mercy of tyrannical government overreach.

In stark contrast to the scenes in Melbourne, children here are able to attend these protests, without the fear of police kettling, rubber bullets and arrests. Children at the Freedom Festival roll down hills, and picnic with their families overlooking the clear ocean waters at Cotton Tree, Maroochydore. Those of us in attendance, well aware of the plans the Governments intend to impose on every state, should they be successful in Victoria, so the red Soveriegn flag is flying upside down in distress.

Not surprisingly, today in Melbourne we saw healthcare workers take to a silent protest against mandates in a park in Fitzroy. They sit socially distanced, masked with their various signs protesting the mandating of vaccines across all industries.

Avi Yemini is first to the coverage today, he begins by interviewing a healthcare worker who is currently working at a vaccination hub. She is seeing that “those who are consenting are really not wanting to be vaccinated”, she said “they are agreeing, but reluctantly”. She goes on to say “90% of people who are vaccinating are there, because they want their freedoms back, they want to go visit their families, they want to travel, they want to go to the pub, that’s not the right reason to make a medical decision. Everyone needs to have that freedom of choice, in terms of medical procedures and coercion is not consent. Pressuring and cornering people, to the point where they have got no other option. A lot of people have told me, you know, there’s no way out, we just want to end these lockdowns, we just want to get on with life”

The footage goes on to show the hundreds of police that show up to move the protest on. They are confused, unable to find an “organiser” for which there are none in any of these protests. Only regular people appealing to a government pressuring industries to force their workers to submit to experimental gene therapies for a virus with a 97% recovery rate.

This is the reality for Victorians, if only 10% of those being vaccinated at the hub, where this healthcare worker is working want to be and otherwise wouldn’t if their freedoms weren’t being dangled like a carrot in from of them. I believe we have reached a critical mass. The only thing holding together this narrative is the pathetic attempts of the mainstream media bias and the police enforcing silence of thoughts and acts of a free society. As late as it may be, if those who have yet to stand, continue to stand for nothing, there will be nothing left to stand for.


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