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Police Call for Media Blackout

We find ourselves today in a media blackout, with no live vision of Melbourne's protests and rumours are circulating that the internet in Melbournes CBD, has been interrupted to prevent any live streams of the protest. Sophie Elsworth from the Herald Sun confirms in her tweet, that the "NO" live vision is allowed, a directive of Victoria Police. Further confirmed by Kieran Gilbert from Sky News who reports, the media is being requested by Victorian Police Media to stop broadcasting live aerial pictures of the protests. He further reports that the Victorian Police have gone on to apply for a no fly order, for the media helicopter for three days, which is the single source for multiple media outlets.

Never the less we are finding aerial footage from yesterdays protest at Melbournes Shrine of Remembrance, where riot squad can clearly be seen chasing and shooting in the back, unarmed protesters as they run away. It would seem Victoria Police would certainly have a good reason, for wanting to suppress further evidence coming to the surface, of their treatment toward the people of Melbourne.

Another video circulating from an unknown day clearly shows a member of the Victoria Police grabbing a man around the arms and slamming his head into the ground, with a sickening thud on the tiles of Flinders Street Station, Melbourne. From this video we can see the types of tactics being employed that could result in the injuries we see from a viral video circulating from one of the recent protests. The footage begins with a young man yelling loudly to be heard over the crowd, inviting the Victorian Police to sit with the people, saying that he would stand with any member and defend them. He is then seen lying on the ground with his face covered in blood and a substantial splatter of blood and matter, in what seems to represent the sight where his head has contacted the ground, he is writhing on his side unable to get up and crying out with eyes closed "my skull is cracked" before identifying himself as Kyle Mitchell, the video is the ended.

Currently there is no way of substantiating these videos, as the main stream media stopped reporting the truth many moons ago and with few independent media with scant resources, we are left with only these brave reporters who are sometimes arrested and or pepper sprayed, and the citizens who are brave enough to attend the protests and film, despite the fact that it makes them a target. We are hearing rumours that the injuries Kyle Mitchell sustained, have caused his death, as reported in this article, another was recently removed.

All this comes off the back of a magnitude 6.0 Earthquake that shook Victoria, just before the protests yesterday. You'd be forgiven for thinking it sounded like a script for a really bad movie, and like many out there I really wish it was.

Further footage is circulating of riot police enforcing the lockdowns that have thus far killed more people than the virus it is protecting them from. The footage shows a riot squad member engaging with a member of the public, advising them to go home before they start issuing fines. When asked why he is doing it, he replies they "are doing it because they get paid to do it" and they are "just as over the lockdowns" as the people, but he claims to be too unskilled enough to do anything else at this time. A theme I'm seeing is there are some who are willing to trade our livelihoods and freedoms, for their own. Something which we also see in the medical field, as whistleblowers have alerted us to the gag order from their regulating body AHPRA, prohibiting Doctors from saying anything not in line with the official directives in regards to the vaccines. Thankfully a whistleblower nurse from Project Veritas has come forward with video evidence from an undercover filming, to provide the public with news straight from the horses mouth.

One livelihood for another is not freedom. It is just another example of the sad reality that has befallen Melbourne at the behest of their Victorian State Premier Daniel Andrews who signed onto the Strong Cities Network, and the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, Brett Sutton who uses his powers under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, to lock people into their homes, whilst sending out riot squad to maim those who want to live normal healthy lives. Such as he has been photographed doing, by disobeying his own directives for wearing a mask at all times even when outside.

Due to the serious lack of actions promoting the real Health and Wellbeing of Victorians, independent media reporter Real Rukshan, has been interviewed on Fox News in the USA by Laura Ingram. She is shocked by the Chinese Communist Party style Melbourne emerging for the world to witness, and is disturbed as she views further footage of the police harassment, of the only few independent media still releasing real information.

So patiently we wait, for todays footage and the outcome of a variety of law suits, that question the validity of these measures. Sending my gratitude to the protesters in Melbourne, well done waking up Victoria, my heart is with you ❤️


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