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Fight For Freedom Friday

Day 4 of everyday protesting in Melbourne begins in the iconic Bourke Street Mall. Police out number people at least 5 to one. A combination of officers in high visibility vests and all blue, stand in groups or wander aimlessly looking to stop and check anyone and everyone that is within the area.

They are out enforcing the new restrictions of individuals movements, limited to within a 10km radius of one’s residence, after case numbers continue to rise despite the world’s longest and strictest lockdowns, which now total 8 months of total lockdown, since the pandemic state of emergency was declared. Thus far Melbourne has lost more lives to suicide, than deaths attributed to COVID19, but the directive to continue to lock Melburnians in their homes is ironically a power granted to the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, Brett Sutton by the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

It isn’t long before the footage of Real Rukshan, reveals police not only stopping and checking citizens for identification, but they are also searching personal belongings as seen in the image above, where police conduct a thorough search of a woman’s 3 bags, drawing out items of clothing to search throughout them.

6 mounted Police Officers can be seen patrolling the streets as the coverage moves back toward Bourke Street Mall. A man is being arrested, detained and then later placed inside a divisional van, at this stage it is unclear what he has been arrested for.

Further along Elizabeth Street, on the corner of Little Collins Street, we find an upset woman who is asking for her phone back from the 5 police who have her and a male surrounded. The police officer states that they “are both under arrest at this stage” and they have possession of her phone, whilst they check her identification. At this point two officers’ step in the way of the scene, as we’ve seen them do many times before, trying to prevent the information being filmed or photographed. However they are unsuccessful with 2 independent media journalists capturing it all.

The police continue to insist she is under arrest, because her filming of their faces with her phone was "intimidating". She continues to plead for her phone back, before reminding them that the world is watching, alluding to the obvious filming happening around them. She ask’s “aren’t you ashamed?”

She continues to inform them of their abuse of power "like you shot at the unarmed people the other day, that’s abuse of power”. She further demands that they observe the COVID directives they are enforcing, as they are seen not to be social distancing with her and moving closer.

Once they have completed checking her details, that she has provided to them 3 times, they return her phone. She is visibly upset by her interaction with police, unable to contain her tears any longer.

A young woman is next also visibly upset, she leads Rukshan to her mother, claiming they can no longer walk anywhere, without this happening. Her mother is handcuffed, arrested and her daughter is later seen on her way to where her mother is detained. She said they arrested her mother for having attended a protest before.

The coverage takes us next via tram to Parliament House, on Spring Street, where 15 police can be seen guarding the steps every 2 metres, in this empty location.

In the early afternoon a new video is circulated of the riot squad blocking an unknown intersection in Melbourne. The riot squad move in on the few people who are claiming they no longer trust their Government and ask why the police won’t help. A man is heard yelling that they will come after their kids as well, before they move in and detain the male on the ground, yelling the directives “Move! Move! Move!” to the women. The man is seen struggling on the ground under 4 riot police, before the video turns to 6 riot squad police in a laneway yelling to unseen citizens to “Get on the ground!".

The last video seen for the afternoon, is from a young Facebook Live streamer, who covers a gathering at Northcote Plaza, where police are seen running into the area, even crossing through a children's skate park to surround the perimeter. The riot squad and police response unit swarm the park near the plaza, checking the fleeing 150 or so people, for identifications and arresting many including the young man who was filming the live stream.

At this point I would love to be wrong about what I see in Melbourne. I know many are still complying in the hopes that they will one day travel. I’m not sure however to where to people think that is. Perhaps they haven’t realised that not only Melbourne, but Australia and many parts of the world are falling under a Communist Dictatorship masquerading as a protocol in the name of health. Perhaps it's too painful to see the truth, but it remains there to see all the same.

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