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Christmas in The Great Awakening

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas where you are? Well… I guess that depends on which corner of the world you live in. In some places - what state you live in or who your Governor, Premier or Mayor might be and which side of the chaos they stand on, or stand for.

So, Christmas and The Great Awakening, how do we celebrate? Has your Christmas changed this year with these new impositions? I know mine certainly has! However, we are in this unique moment in history, I don’t mean a Global Pandemic – which is still very much up to debate, as we’ve yet to be provided with any evidence. This moment is the one which will decide the future of us all. Will we wake up to their plans for “The Great Reset”, from what I see in my feed – we already have.

My journey into the “Great Awakening” began with my suspicion of COVID19. Months of research, worlds harshest lockdown and a lot of shock later, I turned my budding YouTube channel’s focus away from previous topics of Health and Wellbeing – to surviving this period of mass awakening and enlightenment, you’ll find more of my videos here.

So, for this reason, I have been following the global madness closely. If you have, you might have noticed everything’s hitting the fan harder every day! Since my last post, we’re still yet to determine an outcome from the US Elections, as evidence of more and more voter fraud is mounting every day, even Zuckerberg himself being implicated for his role. We’re seeing a lot of division on topics from masking to vaccinations. Fake needles and collapses after vaccination. More CCP corruption than you can poke a stick at and leaked audio and documents, exposing decades of corruption, the list goes on.

In 2020 our rights were flushed down the drain, freedom of speech, the right to work, see your family, move freely beyond 5km and breathe uninhibited, became a thing of the past. With this long list of ridiculous expectations, it’s just bizarre they thought we wouldn’t catch on to the ruse. We see Politicians imposing a set of rules for us and no rules for themselves. Then they make it worse by playing doctors and nurses for the national media, pretending to vaccinate with the safety cap still on. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Amidst this turbulence, we’re all just trying to hold it together. I’m busier than ever still attempting to migrate interstate, whilst trying to create Christmas magic! And so grateful I am for the distraction, from the seriousness of this time. I watched the first snow fall over the Whitehouse lawns yesterday on Twitter, but here in Melbourne, Australia I was sweating it out at 30 degrees celcius, next to my plastic tree and mischievous Elf on the Shelf, who amuses my children to no end.

I’ll be honest - it’s exhausting, it’s exciting, it’s nerve wracking, then sometimes relieving. It’s all of the emotions at once, in a rollercoaster ride throughout the day. I can feel the tremendous amount of energy building us toward a new future however and this keeps me going. The future I choose to visualise is the future where we are free, a future where our children are safe. A future free from enslavement to a Communist Agenda Ideology designed by the 1%, under a guise of care for us as described by the World Economic Forum website.

This is the only gift that holds true value. The gift of Freedom of heart, mind and soul. This year has been a reminder of this greatest gift, as we work collectively for the Freedom for all of Humanity and the end to the Global Corrupt Politicians.

And, of course it’s not necessary that we give gifts at Christmas, they are simply the physical representation of our love, just as our laughter is the physical representation of our joy. Your Christmas may look a little different this year, there may be a little less on the table, but for myself this year, I have more gratitude in my heart. I’m so grateful that my little family and I are still thriving despite this challenging year.

Melania Trump reminds us of the true gifts that we can give, by turning our thoughts to humanitarian projects. This year’s lockdowns provided me with this gift among many, of time to do just that and I’m excited by the challenge of putting my first volunteer project into action and seeing that through to fruition in the new year. The unexpected return, learning the power of our voices working collectively together for change, for the world we want see.

Regardless of where you are in your pre - Christmas preparations, regardless of how different your circumstances may be. 2020 is a blessing and an opportunity to remember what really counts and to be grateful for all that we already have. If your budget is a little tighter than usual this year, hop over to my courses page – you can give a free 1 hour online event as a gift to a loved one. Try as many online events as you like and gift the one that resonates with you – my favourite is Gregg Braden, Human by design you can get the details here.

From my corner to yours…

Namaste my friends

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