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Awakening to our True Purpose

So what's it really all about, I hear you asking? Our world is a turbulent chaotic mess, with Governments being exposed globally for corruption and horrific crimes. We are witnessing the destruction of livelihoods, businesses and entire industries, and all this with the threat of forced vaccinations looming over our heads and those of our loved ones. Why now you might ask, why is this happening to us? Why me, why were we born during this time? All amazing questions, for me they have just the one answer. The answer that's continued my journey to understanding and uncovering our true nature and who we really are, as spiritual beings having a human experience.

But before I get into that - I best address my hiatus. From my other posts you may remember I was moving from the previously worst lockdown state in the world, Victoria, Australia and seeking residence in Queensland, I couldn't be happier to announce that we finally made it! So were we lucky, yes most definitely! Did it put my manifesting 101 skills to work, yes most definitely! Did it all magically somehow fall into place at the precise moment, at the precise time, yes most definitely!!

After months of searching for a property and trying to dodge further state lockdowns and border closures, we made it across the border with only 1 day to spare before they re-closed the borders and made it mandatory for travellers from Victoria to go into Government chosen hotel quarantine for 2 weeks. The evening we crossed the border in Queensland, we had our border passes firmly in hand, ready to greet the Police we thought might be checking. Only to find there were no Police there at all, there was no fanfare, no checkers - just a river and the sweet smell of Freedom.

Of course there were others, who were not as lucky as we were. Those who came through one day later, no doubt had a very different scene on their hands. One such case I know of, found themselves four days into their hotel quarantine, and no longer even allowed outside for 30 minutes of fresh air a day. No microwave, tea or coffee facilities, no balcony, no fresh air for 2 weeks, paid for at your own expense and treated worse than prisoners by your own Government, for a "virus" with a recovery rate of 99.9%?

But of course we knew it was never about the "virus", which thankfully is coming to light now with the speed of a race horse. In weeks past I've watched many more Australians, who previously weren't protesting, take to the streets with those who had from the start, for the "Millions March"around Australia, standing for their rights and Freedom for Humanity. There was of course again, Police violence against the people in Melbourne, but peace in all the other states. Even a mainstream media journalist was arrested this time, just for something different.

And of course it would be funny, if it wasn't such a serious life and death situation. With the Globalists 1% mass depopulation and communist, crypto enslavement plan aka The World Economic Forums "Great Reset" seemingly moving closer by the minute, it's challenging to say the very least.

But here in sunny Queensland, where the sand is all through my house with multiple beach trips since our arrival, you wouldn't know it was even happening. My children no longer worry that I will get arrested for being unable (and unwilling) to wear a mask. We haven't seen one mask since we arrived, in fact we haven't seen one mask since we left. Those whom we have connected with since arriving, gape at the stories I relay about the Victorian lockdown, the subsequent suicides and thats without remembering to tell them about the curfew that went with it! (not allowed outside of the home between 8pm-5am)

This taste of Freedom is amazing, but the awakening that I'm seeing taking place, as the Government departments dirty laundry is finally being aired, is even better! Watching the US from afar, as I do, I see the "administration" exposing its corrupt plans for all to see. The change is in the air, We the People are gearing up for our version of a new future, it requires stamina, courage and persistence as we rebirth our new world.

So back to our earlier questions, why now, why us, why are we awakening? It has everything to do with our purpose. Rather than the purpose of individuals, we're talking about the collective purpose. If we think of it in terms of the science, we can think of the Big Bang theory. A collection of energy that explodes out to create universes. In those universes are born planets. On those planets are born living organisms. Those living organisms are not necessarily conscious of the fact that they are from that same original collection of energy. In fact most have forgotten they are connected to anything at all. They may have learnt once about our bodies at an atomic level, but rarely do we consider we are mostly light energy.

This is so easy to do in our human experience. With these seemingly finite body systems which have been far removed from the natural ways of living from the land, we now fund our lives by paying with our time, in a system dictated to the many, to benefit only a few. But our time has come, our evolution is a planetary one.

Our world is now primed for our grandest most interconnected evolution. A time where we will move away from the control systems of those treating us as cattle for their own gain. It is time for us to move into a new dynamic, one where we are leaders in our own lives. We are ready to step into a more self sufficient and self responsible era. As the wool placed over our eyes is removed and we see the reality we were blinded to, it becomes our greatest endeavour to return to our world, the sovereignty that was taken from us all.

The pendulum has swung as far as it can, it can only now come back, as we create a new balance, a new future, a new world, a new and empowering reality. Will it take long, will it be easy? Let's find out! As we're certainly not in Kansas anymore Toto, that really was all just a dream, as it turns out.

How do we begin this journey back to self sufficiency and responsibility? It begins of course with ourselves. In this age of information we must learn for ourselves and our loved ones, the truth. The truth on all levels, we must understand the highest levels of corruption and deception about ourselves, our planet and universe, and seek to understand our true nature as human beings.

We exist in a time where science can now show us the power of stress on our bodies and simultaneously our own bodies ability to heal, rather than a governance that poisons our air, water, food and minds, only to sell us back pharmaceuticals and surgeries for those unfortunate enough to have been indoctrinated into the Western Medicine establishment. No longer living to line the pockets of those at the top, brings time for us to regain our health, our balance for our families and loved ones. Time to provide compassion and assistance to others and explore new ways in which we can all contribute to a better world. I use this time of uncertainty to dive deeper and learn for myself about the real nature of the human forms we inhabit. I just finished this mind blowing video!

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