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2021 + the End of Global Corruption

Happy New Year and welcome to the start of an amazing 2021! Has it been easy getting here - no, and will it be easy to clean up all the disinformation and heinousness, that has and is still being perpetuated on the people - no. But I feel a turning point in the air and what I see in my social media feed, is that we as a collective consciousness, are awakening in droves to this Global Corruption and the change is here!

Depending upon where you are on our fine Earth, we are all still experiencing the different stages of insane chaos, that it takes to awaken our destined level of group consciousness and leadership for all of humanity. Some of us, including myself have lost family and friends, as we stand in our truth and evidence, using our voices - so each of us may have the opportunity to see the reality that has been hidden from us for so many centuries.

If you're standing for the awakening, I'm sure you've experienced not only the loss of family and friends, but also potentially complete stranger backlash. Despite how miserable it feels, it really is a sign of the death throes of the age of Pisces and "do as we say" to the tremendous push into the group leadership thinking of the age of Aquarius. That truth is stranger than fiction, can be a hard, devastating and scary pill to swallow as we realise our whole lives thus far, have been perpetrated by lies, enslavement and calculated mass murder globally.

Our ability to ignore the truth of 2020 and or pretend that things aren't happening, can be a part of our minds protection mechanism, we cling to a past that although it doesn't serve us, it is more comfortable than what Dr Joe Dispenza calls "the uncertain future". I watched a lady attempt to mow her lawns, in my neighbourhood the other day. As she began, my family and I heard the ear ripping sounds that only come from mowing concrete or rocks. Did she stop to investigate - no. The horrendous sound went for at least three minutes as she continued to mow her rocks, until her lawn mower completely stopped and died. Only then did she try to remove the enormous river rocks from the mower, before turning to yell at her kids for their folly of placing them on the lawn. Lets face it, most people won't change direction, unless they have no choice.

Will we choose to be self responsible in 2021, or will we continue to blame others for our ignorance? Will we learn to do our own research or allow the Government and media to tell us what think, how to feel and how they will reshape our world, without consulting any of us. Will we care for our bodies the way in which we know is healthful or will leave our fate in the hands of mad scientists in an industry where profits are made spraying poisons upon our foods and bigger profits made by Big Pharma who sell the "treatments" to these poisons and those injected into us. Our true nature to thrive has been hidden from us and our global enslavement has assisted us to perpetuate it their cruel game. But now the pendulum must swing back, from the extremes of proposed Global Communism and mass depopulation, to a future of our making. Learn more about how humanity can Thrive in this beautiful short documentary from Foster Gamble - son of Proctor & Gamble, who stood in his truth despite his family ties here.

Meanwhile we have set the stage for those who are ready to rise and ready to serve humanity, to be a part of the solutions. To find their voices, bring their ideas, their energy and desire to birth a new world, for our future generations. In the era of instant information, it is our opportunity to use our time wisely, for the benefit of one another and move away from distracting consumerism and competition. No longer will corporate greed keep from us from a clean environment, whilst blaming us as the problem.

I've always loved the fact that we can vote with our dollars and where we choose to use them, as I've never been political in the past, with a fake two party system common to many countries. However I've realised the error of falling asleep at the wheel and failing to ensure our public servants actually serve us and not the back door wheeling, dealing to fund their lavish lifestyles and plans of the elite.

It's all coming to a head now, with many being exposed for their crimes against humanity and even pedophile protection rackets. This month is National Human Trafficking Awareness month, a passion project of my own, you can learn more about the work of O.U.R and hear an interview with Founder Tim Ballard here. Here in Australia we have few politicians willing to talk about "The Great Reset" and or pedophile protection problems we are experiencing, but we are raising greater awareness as volunteers and have the support of some when others choose "they don't want to know", whilst seeing others such as Riccardo Bosi from Australia One Party, continue to raise the issue as shown in the interview below at the timestamp - 49.20

2021 will see us continue to make progress on the ground we've gained thus far. In the meantime I will keep standing in my truth, knowing the price is minor in comparison to the prize of global freedom and an awakened humanity. I'm excited for the upcoming Historic Day of January 6th in Washington DC and I'm so excited for the future and creating it with all of my fellow Global Patriots.

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