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How Stay At Home Moms Make Money

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

You’re wondering how stay at home Moms make money, then you’ve probably already had several conversations, maybe at a playgroup or in the playground before doing more thorough research.

How ever you’ve happened upon this post, if it’s answers you seek, you’ll find here my 5 classic traits that make up the “How”, of how stay Moms make money.

The truth is Moms of every type are making money from home. Side hustlers, network marketers, multilevel marketers, some with niche products of the market stall variety or online shop, some traditional franchisors. If you’re like me, you might have tried that mindset on for about 15 seconds, before finding yourself back on the hunt for the right fit for you.

So, if you’re ready to get the low down on how stay at home Moms make money, I got you covered with the habits of the successful.

How Stay at home Moms make money #1

Stay at home Moms who make money are discerning.

Discerning put simply, is trusting your own judgement. Whether you’re looking for employment or a business, there are a few factors to keep in mind. This is the time to be totally honest with yourself in your search. What sort of results you’re looking for, have to be the main consideration. How do you envision yourself working, in what environment and creating what for your family with your effort? Will there be weekends, will there be parties, will there be a dining room table anymore or a mountain of boxes.

If you’re seeking employment then your options may be a little more limited. You might need to consider things such as the hours of required work, does it work for your schedule. Where can you find work for a stay at home Mom?

Looking for your best options for your side hustle, can take you on many a meandering journey. Side hustle is usually the term used for creating a second form of income around an already full-time job. The purpose - to supplement income and ideally, turn a passion into profit. You may not be working part of full-time outside of the home, but the hours of work inside the home as a Mum, certainly make it feel like one anyway.

So, you’re searching for a side hustle – congrats! You more than likely already have a bit of an idea what does and doesn’t resonate with you already.

If you’re looking for a short-term solution, you may want to consider employment more than a business. Businesses are long-term plans for creating a desired future. That’s not to say that things can’t happen quickly, they most definitely can and I’m part of an online business opportunity, where Mum’s simply excel.

But Moms who make money have a long term vision, they strive toward rather than a “I’ll see how this goes attitude”. Remember cultivate habit number 1 – discernment. Trust yourself and trust the part of you that seeks more, only you know what you really want.

How stay at home Moms make money #2

Stay at home Moms who make money, know that it’s possible to and theirs to create.

Look for evidence! The evidence is all around us that stay at home Moms and Dads for that matter, make money from home. Without the belief that is was possible, they probably wouldn’t get out of bed in the mornings (save for child automatic waking systems).

Believing yourself capable and the possibility that the right fit exists for you, will have you search and bump into the opportunity you’ve ordered from the universe. You’ll look at opportunity through a completely different lens, if you’re able to see that potential exists.

Those that are successful at the level of replacing or exceeding a previous income, have discernment, belief and clarity on their “why?” coupled with the necessary action to back it up and produce results.

Whether it’s bringing a passion to life - in a product, business or blog or whether it’s the desire to generate a great income with the flexibility to be there for the family. If your serious about making money from home, getting clear on your “why” serves to stoke the fire for your purpose. For more tips on getting clear on your “why” check out my previous post here Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Work From Home.

From the get go, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home Mom. I certainly didn’t have the financials sorted to enable me to do so, but knowing’s and determination often proceed finding the solution.

Raised in a single parent family, with no outside source of care for myself and my sister, I watched my Mum try to work unsuccessfully from home for years in a variety of low paying odd jobs (sometimes really odd like hook latch rugs odd). We grew up with not a lot of anything, making do with all that we had. My Mum was always there, as Stephen Covey puts it - “Attending to the Little things”, the things that made my heart feel full.

She would bake after school treats, let us play Miss Universe in her few fancy clothes and made up stories by the fire as we sat on our (magic) rug, where ever it flew that night. We grew up in a different time where Mom knitted our mittens, sewed our uniforms and Barbie clothes, we had an abundance of “little things” that added up to so much.

When it came to motherhood, the little things meant as much to me to be able to give, as they meant for me to be able to see and experience with my children. So as my children grew and started kindergarten and school, I re-trained for a flexible career that would fit these hours.

My biggest “why” came for me, the day I was racing off to my (barely flexible) J-O-B. Always pushed for time, I dropped my children inside school and made it to work with only moments to spare. All this stress to discover at pick up, that my eldest had jumped the school fence into the kindergarten carpark with his little brother in tow, after I had left!

My “Why” was strong and remains so today. To uncover more on your “Why Read the next step to find a link to our Free Guide.

How stay at home Moms make money #3

Stay at home Moms who make money, are serious about making money.

From the words of Bob Proctor “What you think about you bring about.”

If you’re looking to make real money from home, you have to get focused on the task of what it’s going to look like and the actions it’s going to require.

I find the people I speak with, typically fall into a couple of categories:

  1. Some are looking for a job that you can do to earn a little extra cash on the side online, around their families?

  2. Others are you looking for an opportunity to change careers, jump income brackets and obtain a lifestyle and ability to support their families through to retirement, online around their families.

  3. The third category are seeking, what they don’t yet know exists.

When I went searching for my solution my perception of myself and my abilities had changed very dramatically. It had been a long time since my skills and talents had been appreciated, school and kindergarten lunches barely got the thumbs up those days. My estimation of myself and my ability to create what I wanted, simply no longer existed.

Having gotten clear on my biggest “why?” I started looking at what else I really wanted. After working for almost a year in my current employment, it wasn’t hard to see we were going backward. I’d chosen a “flexible” position that also served my need for purpose, but we were barely covering the cost of out of hours care. All that stress for a family budget deficient, both financially and emotionally.

This was when I added getting serious about making money to my Daily Method of Operation. My boys were always going to need me moving forward (I try not to think about the teen years) but I wanted to be able to provide more than getting by and an ability to pursue and discover their own interests.

I thought about my “Why’s?” day and night! I was serious and devoted any spare time to searching for my ideal solution.

When I attracted my online solution, I looked with an open mind to tick the relevant boxes of my wish list. As I reviewed the business information, I looked for alignment with my vision and a clear path and system.

My previous business experiences taught me the reality of juggling the necessities and the cost of running a traditional brick and mortar business with huge overheads. I really looked for a simple business system, a product I could love (personal development yah!) and an ability to hit my income goals.

What I thought about I brought about. And you can too, if you get clear on what you want, your mind will continue the process of finding. Start your wish list now by clicking the link, to our Free Guide 7 Simple Steps to Create Your One Of A Kind Life.

How stay at home Moms make money #4

Stay at home Moms who make money, become their own leader.

Looking with an open mind for your solution will give you enough space to tick off your wish list, but may not give you the confidence to proceed. Reservations on cost to get going in a business, can often be the biggest perceived obstacle.

Employment by comparison seems like an opportunity to make an immediate income, subtracting of course the cost of gas, clothing, care for children and a place to express your passions.

Making money in a business, requires one to get serious about making it. Making a decision to be successful takes courage, as it requires you to back yourself in your venture both with effort and money. If you can see a clear path to potential return on investment, see evidence of existing people creating success in the same system and know you will put in the required effort – then I won’t take as much courage, you will become your own leader.

Before you back yourself to start up, you require the belief in yourself that you can spot an opportunity when you see one. You’ll also need to trust its possible for you.

So, looking at a potential business for yourself, is something only you can do for yourself. Trust in yourself enough to know that you are not like everyone else. You are seeking more than the status quo, that will settle for status quo results, J-O-B (Just Over Broke). Know that the act of seeking new results, is the actions of those who have created success before you.

If you feel unsure about your ability to create success, feel confident at least in your actions to find a vehicle capable of creating the level of success you’re looking for. Entrepreneurs who creates success, do so from a place of less than desirable previous results, which gives them the drive to proceed, the desire you may now possess.

Look for evidence in the industry your entering. Look for the results already created by those already enjoying that success. See that it’s possible, see that you are not all that different and see the path that has been walked before you. The footprints left behind may be similar to your own.

Stay at home Moms who make money, become leaders and thus attract followers. By followers, I’m not talking about likes on your social media posts, I’m talking about people who want to do business with you – ie; customers of your products or business.

If you’ve found yourself shrinking over the years to avoid criticism you’re certainly not alone. Rebuilding your sense of self is as important as building your business.

Before you can lead, you must first you must first remember you can. Our children will not, generally speaking, highlight our great leadership skills. If you’ve ever tried to get a child into the shower who’s determined not to go, you’ll know what I mean.

To rediscover your own inner leader, try making a list of at least 5 areas you have created success for yourself and or others in your life. For added benefit you could include all the necessary action steps you took to create this reality. At the end of this exercise you’ll remember just how resourceful you can be.

How stay at home Moms make money #5

Stay at home Moms who make money, never treat their businesses as a hobby.

The people around you might treat your business as a hobby, but Mums who make money – don’t. For those running businesses from home, the act of being in ear shot for some family members, denotes you’re not working and what ever it is you’re working on couldn’t possibly be as important as a missing sock or lost ooshie.

If you’re transitioning from employment, you’ll know only too well that your boss has never treated the business like a hobby. Every task accountable for, a business makes money. If the business doesn’t make money or not enough, then someone else will not make money very soon, potentially in the form of downsizing.

Remember your business, for the vehicle that it is – a machine to create an income for you and your family. Like a growing baby, without the right type of attention and care to detail it will become a screaming un-napped heap of hungry baby. Or more adequately put a disorganized, non- functioning, customer starved dream you once had.

Think about employing yourself. How would you take action if building this business was your job? How would you feel to be employed in an amazing new start up with so much potential? Would you really show up to work in your pyjamas (not that that’s not a great option)? Get your DMO (Daily Method of Operation) sorted so that you can hit the goals your setting out to achieve.

Sometimes hitting your goals in business is going to require a monetary investment, or perhaps research into the best methods to grow your business. Each of these steps to resourcefulness not only increases your value in leadership, but is the mark of a successful business owner.

So, imagine you are employing yourself, hurry along before your fire yourself and find yourself er… unemployed!

Before you rush off to take action and start building your empire. Take a moment to breathe and trust that you found yourself here today, because you were meant to. Remember the words of Bob Proctor “What you think about, you bring about”. Put your mind to the task of visualising yourself as a stay at home Mom making money. Be excited, trust yourself and cultivate the belief that you’re already creating it now.

If you’ve got some value today, be sure to connect with me on social media, leave your feedback and feel free to suggest any topics you’d like me to cover.




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