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3 Easy Ways To Empower Yourself + Be Your Own Boss In An Online Business

If you’re new to the world of business and thinking of becoming your own boss, you may be wondering if you have what it takes. You might be thinking, success is reserved for the lucky few who might know a thing or two.

But like never before ordinary peeps, just like you and me are turning “entrepreneur” seemingly overnight and doing so successfully, simply by following in the footsteps of those who walk a block or two ahead of them. In this age of online everything, it’s never been easier to go into business and connect with customers from around the globe at the click of your fingers.

It seems bridging the gap between ourselves, our customers and the business we want to create, lies only in our will to do so. That difference maker exists in the realm of the mind and our willingness to grow a little, into the ‘us’ we need to become to make it happen. So how does one get up the courage, to step out of their comfort zone and prepare to become a business owner?

In this post I want to share with you 3 really easy ways to begin empowering yourself, to be your own boss. These 3 tips give you the space to stop doubting yourself and your ideas and go out and start that online business you keep thinking about.

1. Crucial Step #1 Taking Action + Analysis Paralysis

Finding yourself reading this blog post is the first step in taking action and overcoming the dreaded Analysis Paralysis, so congrats! Analysis paralysis is when over-analysing or over thinking a situation becomes paralysis, where no action at all is taken thus finding no solution, argghhh!

You may already have looked at a few business ideas, perhaps some of your own, perhaps you’ve considered going into business with partners or starting your own business within a larger company that has a formula or business system. All of these ideas are great and valid so – pick one and start taking the next step that’s in front of you, it’s really that simple.

If you’re still at the stage of choosing (or even if you’re not), then check out my last blog post, it’s gonna run you through the quickest and easiest way to get to the crux of what you really want fast, with a bunch of pertinent questions. See 5 Top Secrets You Need To Know Before Starting Work From Home.

Another thing that can often hold us back, is thinking we need to have attained perfection of ourselves and our products before we take the action. The greats of business have shown us time and again, that they continue to develop their businesses and products alongside their learnings. They adjust and correct according to what they learn and now know how to improve.

If you’re starting a business with an idea of your own from scratch, then check out this book from fellow Aussie, Bernadette Schwerdt “How to build an Online Business”. Bernadette gives some brilliant advice on creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This could assist you greatly with analysis paralysis in product development stages, amongst a bunch of other really awesome advice.

If you’re looking at an established business system, then most of the hard work and/or systemisation and product research, is probably all done for you and it’s time to get down to business.

Toying with the idea of starting your own business, is something that exists not just within our hearts. The hearts longing is the tiny part of us we try to ignore, that knows we have more to give. Our mind is the tool that creates what our hearts long for, should we give them the space to do so.

So, if you’re still stuck in the analysis paralysis, just take the next step in front of you. You might turn around one day, with beaming pride for your accomplishments and find the lessons and work from your humble beginnings, have created your business and even more than you envisioned.

2. Crucial Step #2 Mindset Development + The Monkey Mind

This is possibly the most fun and confronting thing that not only I, but successful entrepreneurs around the globe agree on and recommend. Now I have this as number 2 on the list as it can be very easy to just get stuck here, havin’ a good ole time and thinking – this business stuff is easy! But you may forget to take all the appropriate actions, to actually get the ball rolling on the business end. So this is as important as “Taking Action".

You’d be at the point where you’ve started putting the wheels in motion to get your processes going for your business. If you’re starting from scratch, this side is going to take you a little while to get a handle on. Some of your research will come before your processes and operations.

My tips here

  1. Do what it takes to find the technical tools, that will make your business competitive.

  2. Get on with your building while developing your mindset.

If you’re ustilising an already existing business model, you may be familiarising yourself with a bunch of new tools or applications to run your business. Researching will also be a large part of what you will continue to do to become better at your craft.

But all this building can easily come undone, by engaging the Monkey Mind. Now I’m not talking about the Monkey Mind that acts like a goof ball or likes jumping onto Facebook and comments, instead of remembering what you were there for in the first place (though this can be another problem Monkey).

I’m taking about the self-defeating Monkey Mind talk, that starts to tell you perhaps this is all a little too hard, or you were right before when you thought success in business is reserved for the lucky. One thing I know for sure, is success is not reserved for the lucky, but reserved for the determined and persistent. The person that is willing to give it a go, because they needed to know what they truly really capable of.

You’ll need to change the diet of that Monkey Mind daily, to weather the storm of banana peels it’s got stored to throw at you. These banana peels are fear, self-doubt and other people’s opinions all perfectly normal.

We must remember, we’ve made a huge shift from a definitive time in history, where we stood as a society of small business owners. For a long period following this, it became more common to perceive safety, as working for a large corporation, with healthcare plans and gold watches at the end of loyal service.

However, times continue to change with many people now experiencing redundancies, job outsourcing and rapidly changing AI (Artificial Intelligence), which reduces the need for living breathing staff. Despite these changes, many still feel safer in a traditional employment that offers no more stability, but allows them to stay in agreement with the ideas of their peers and society.

The diet you’ll want to start feeding your Monkey Mind, is the one used by entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere – Personal Development! It’s certainly not difficult to get your hands on some great PD and not every PD is for every person.

My PD journey began really as a teenager with the Oprah Winfrey show (and what it became) and the late and great Louise Hay. Through so many of these inspired teachings, I began to understand my own power and ability to create a life by my design.

I simply went for what I wanted. You may think as a teen this might be easier, given there is less fear of failure and that much is true. But I left the nest at the age of just 17 in pursuit of my goals. When I stop to look back at who I became to be a stand for my dreams, I can hardly believe my determination and resourcefulness. I chipped away on the best path I could, despite the challenges, the neigh sayers and even difficulty securing accommodation under the age of 18.

Being in business, differs not much from what we do in life. We look for opportunities and/or people to pursue that resonate with us. We take a chance with our hearts and allow ourselves to be vulnerable perhaps even marry. We may have children (lord knows no one knew how that was going to work out) and fumble our way to their 9th and 7th birthdays. But thank goodness we started at all.

My PD journey still continues everyday. My husband and I can’t believe the differences, we see in our own lives and our childrens, as a result of using personal development regularly. The future is an exciting place when you remember you’re in the drivers seat fulltime, if you choose to be.

You may prefer podcasts, books, Youtube, online courses or even live events – there are tons of things to tune into. The difference maker, will be in how you apply it into your life. You can listen to or read some great distinctions that are quickly forgotten, the key is to treat this fuel as seriously as you would treat the internet running your online business.

If you’re looking to get serious about your Personal Development specific to entrepreneurs then check out our 17 + 90 Day Online Courses or Global Live Events in our “Get Your Learn On” section to access content that works around your schedule or connects you live with a community of thriving global entrepreneurs.

3. Crucial Step #3 Stop Needing Agreement + Permission

This is the hardest and final step to master and ties into a lot of the work that you will do in step 2, working on your Monkey Mind. This however is a step all of it’s own, otherwise you won’t necessarily give yourself permission to dream or even begin actioning any of the above steps.

Again, I touched on this briefly in step 2 and that is, the perceived feeling of safety gained from staying in agreement with your peers, family or society’s points of view, as it relates to what they think you ‘should’ do. Getting started in business can be relatively easy, but not getting started in business is even easier.

People (especially those close to us) may not understand our desire to work for ourselves, our product, our vision or why we’re willing to go for something new, exciting and why we want to challenge ourselves.

Michelle Obama’s Mumma was none too happy either, when she wanted to give up her career in law after years of hard work. But no one can live our lives for us and one way to not live, is to let others do our thinking for us, just to keep the waters calm.

Sara Blakely creator of Spanx is one of my favourite female entrepreneurial inspirations. Wow if you need any inspiration to give life your all, then follow Sara’s LOL journey. She is full of gratitude for the shoulders of the great women she stands on and the daily Personal Development tapes (yes tapes) she used to listen to in her car for motivation. She believed in herself and her vision enough to get products developed and had no advertising budget to do her marketing. When Oprah picked Spanx as one of her favourite things, the rest became history.

You’ve got to be willing to back yourself, if anyone else is ever going to back you in business. You don’t need to be able to see the whole map or how on earth things are going to happen. You can drive from Melbourne to Sydney at night, seeing only what your headlights illuminate. But you know it’s possible and many have driven it before you, so you believe.

We know at our core there is no one size fits all approach to life. We all enjoy different things, we think, we grow, we learn we continue to become something new in each moment. Our path to create and overcome challenges, exists so that we have the opportunity to become the most expressed version of ourselves. Which is why when actualised, is sometimes referred to as finding your calling.

Permission can be the other side of the same struggle. As a Wife and Mum, I often find giving myself permission to be anything other than every other role that I’ve prescribed, a challenge. If we view starting a business as something for ourselves, that we are doing to make ourselves happy – then we’re liable to pop it on the back burner, along with that long bath we were going to take 2 years ago and that spa weekend we said we would take with our sister.

Starting a business is much more than a hobby or for ourselves. The products and services that we provide, give benefit to lives of others and create employment opportunities as well as putting food on the table.

Permission can be another component of the analysis paralysis that I touched on earlier. You don’t need permission and you don’t need to be perfect to promote your brand. Shining your unique view and personality to the world through your brand, is what your customers want and what they need. The world is progressing and moving forward everyday thanks to the bravery of people willing to improve it and stand for new ways of thinking.

So without further ado, let’s go shine!

Hope you got some easy tips to action. Reach out and connect with me on Facebook and let me know how your journeying, I’d love to hear from you.


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