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5 Top Secrets You Need To Know Before Starting Work From Home

Updated: Apr 28

If you’re considering work from home in 2019 as your next perfect career move, then welcome, you’re certainly in great company! Work from home businesses now make up a large percent of the business community, with nearly one million Australians running their home-based businesses.

Work from home is more than just convenience, with flexibility to work around family. It’s also a brilliant pathway into an exciting new career and minimises the traditional overheads and costs of running a brick and mortar business.

With the plethora of choices and considerations, you may be thinking what the flamin’, where do I get started, or wondering how to decide which would be the best path for you. So, if you’ve just started your journey into entrepreneurship or been on the hunt for a while – this post was made especially for you!

In this post I’m sharing my 5 top secrets you need to know before starting work from home. If you’re serious about starting work from home, it needn’t be complicated. By asking yourself a few simple questions, you’ll find it easier to weed out what might work and get the “Aha” on where it’s at for you. Let’s face it, there is not point putting your effort into a business that doesn’t have the scope to allow you to reach your goals. So, let’s get into it!

Before you start looking

You might be thinking wait, hold up I’ve already started looking, that’s how I got here - hello, I’m looking! Got it, cause I was looking once upon a time too and these questions were a few of those that bubbled around in the old noggin and enabled me to see the opportunities and options for what they were.

1. Work backwards to go forwards - get clear on your goals for the future.

When I was a teen, this was more than easy and occupied a great deal of my thoughts. This might have been the last time you allowed yourself to dream too, before career guidance of course and all the opinions that might have changed the way we thought about ourselves, our ideas and what was possible for us.

So, first things first, you’re more knowledgeable now, maybe a little wiser and it’s time to check in with your inner self. Yep, I said it. It’s time to really listen to that inner voice. Past the panic and fear and into the opinions of your slightly squashed spirit, who wants more than 9-5 sleep eat repeat.

  1. How do you see your future lifestyle panning out? What would your ideal scenario look like? Where are you living and what do you do with your time?

  1. Once you’ve got your vision in mind, it’s time to talk moula. Start placing dollar figures next to these goals. This will give you an idea on what sort of income you’re looking to generate, in your quest to successfully work from home.

This is possibly the most uncomfortable step, but definitely the most crucial. You’re earning potential is the means to reach your goals. Business and particular online business is a great means of moving beyond a traditional income ceiling. Work from home can seem like small business, but online business has dramatically shifted the market with many prosperous opportunities, seeing many entrepreneurs succeeding at a high level and transforming the business world.

2. What’s you "why" – get clear on why you want to work from home

Monday-itis although very real, will not be your main drive to work from home. Monday-itis is a symptomatic feeling of dissatisfaction with where you go on Monday’s and that’s probably anywhere other than where you really want to be. So where is it you’d rather be?

Your “why” may be tied into flexibility and more time with family, independence and autonomy, increasing earning potential to reach your goals or follow your passions and work in a meaningful career.

Each stage of life produces new “whys” as we grow and reconsider where our future is heading and what impact our choices have now, for our long-term gain. Having your “why” clearly defined will be your ongoing guidance, as to why you chose to make a change.

3. Crunch the numbers – ensure you can achieve what you really want.

You may already have your ideal business in mind. Having been both an employee and involved in the development of several businesses of my own, I know all too well the level of commitment it takes to develop products and ideas into businesses. So, if this is you, kudos to you I take my hat off.

It comes down to working out not only whether or not your business will be a profitable one, but also if those profits will allow you to achieve your first consideration, your goals. If you’re looking at developing a product then crunching the numbers is going to require some research.

You may not have your own product or business idea and be thinking, crikey! The jibs up, what will my business sell? Never fear there have never been so many options for people looking to become entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking for a turn key business with full training and support, there are opportunities to find your perfect fit.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity then the numbers are usually laid out for you. Considering things such as territories to operate your business in, means you may have less of a customer base that you can reach. This translates into an income ceiling on your earning potential, if you’re limited to your local economy. So really looking at your initial investment versus return on investment will be a determining factor.

4. Find products that you love - processes that you love.

Ever find a product you really, really love - like a favourite item you think you could produce or improve upon? Let's take a yoga headband as an example, there are so many different options, if we wanted to produce the best yoga headbands - we need to know, who the competition is, if we can make it viable and how we might enter the market.

One of my earlier business ventures was in yoga wear, right before the big rise to fame of active wear (ahem ... I mean every day wear). I spent over a year researching and developing products in Australia, against the end of a manufacturing era. But when it came down to the crunch, I couldn’t compete in a way that worked for me. I could have developed my products off shore and even had an investor ready to back my venture. But having my products produced overseas, utilising substantially reduced labour costs to remain competitive, wasn’t in alignment with my core values.

There are so many great products out there that have already been created, that you may find you would love to back many of them and be happy to be associated with them. What to choose is a great problem to have.

Next is figuring what sales process you’re comfortable with. Are you comfortable stocking lots of products in your home and distributing physically? Are you a social friends and family type of product distributor with a wide network to market and sell to? Is part of your why, freedom to work from anywhere not just home, so perhaps a non-physical product you can manage online. Are you looking for more time freedom, does the sales process allow you to leverage your time?

Remembering to check back in with your vision for your future, allows you to clearly evaluate opportunities to see if they are a potential fit for you and what you want your daily method of operation to look like.

5 Giddy up! – You’ve found it, take action!

If it’s your first time going into business, it may take you a little bit longer to weigh up your options and crunch the numbers. But in the meantime your dreams and goals are waiting for you to achieve them. There are a million and one ways to procrastinate, but no way to procrastinate your way to a million.

Once you’ve made a decision, its time to hit that business with your foot firmly on the accelerator. A decision means that you have firmly concluded, so stop second guessing yourself and hop to it. Half-hearted attempts to ‘try’ will not give you enough force to see results, which will give you the drive and confidence to move onward and upward.

Diarise your time down to the nth degree if necessary (which if your human, it’ll be necessary). Set aside time each day to dedicate to running your business, particularly if your working around a bunch of other commitments. Don’t let your "why", such as being there for your family – be the reason you forget to put fuel on the fire.

I sound mad to suggest it, but I get so much more done getting up earlier than my little dudes. Or maybe staying up late is your thing, I personally can’t string two words together after 9pm let alone work well, but each to their own.

Ensuring you’ve set big enough and exciting enough goals, is another sure-fire way to feel choc full of energy. Thinking about the day you reach those goals, will put a fire in your belly and a smile on your dial.

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