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How does your Business Grow?

How does your Business Grow?

Setting Clear Goals

Preparing and building your business, is like preparing for any task in life. Start with a clear goal and action each little mini step along the way to reach it. This usually includes of course 100 more mini steps than we can initially think.

Before deciding to start a family, I had to overcome all the thoughts that arose for me individually before even broaching the subject with my husband. We both knew we wanted a family, but the fear of change was real. After we decided we would try, this brought on the next barrage of questions – “What if we succeed?” This took a lot longer than anticipated, all those years of aiming to not start a family before we were ready, then became the pain of – “What if we can’t?”. This was luckily closely followed by very unusually angry mood swings for me, which turned out to be conception. “Yay, (I think) we’re pregnant.”

Reaching Each Milestone

The businesses I’ve been lucky to be involved in over the years, have always felt somewhat like a bit of a pregnancy. There is the intention, the conception, the monitoring and sometimes the pain of bringing the new into being.

I remember the 12 week mark of my first pregnancy, saw me crying to my husband that perhaps it wasn’t the right decision. I was stuck so fast in the fear zone, fearful of future difficulty instead of staying presently focused on the now. In preparation I purchased a pram, but parked it in the spare room so that I didn’t have to look at it. My fear was of inadequacy and not being able to live into the life I was creating.

Staying Focused on the Task

As you build a business, there can feel like there is a lot of busy activity on the inside, with not a lot to show on the outside. We can anticipate that things will move a lot faster, than the reality of the time available and become impatient with ourselves.

We can become acutely aware that people are noticing our activities. As I began to get chunkier around the middle, it became obvious in the workplace, that my future plans were elsewhere at least in the interim. The question became when would I return to work, parental leave paperwork after all had to be completed.

We can also feel the same attention on our busy work building our business. Organising point of sale, finding an accountant, wrapping our heads around new tools that supposedly make life easier. Someone observing might see a whole lot of work for little reward. But the fact remains that each step is one step further away from the past and closer to the future we want to create.

Fuel Your Fire

My business is in the Personal Development industry, so I’m extremely fortunate to partner with a company where developing yourself daily, is essential and provides all the right tools on hand to do so.

I am currently revisiting one of our flagship products the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System. It’s been some time since I’ve used this particular product but with all personal development, you are a different person with different needs or setting different goals in every moment, so it’s always relevant for growth.

My goal this time – to continue hitting all my business goals, whilst incorporating all of my competing priorities and smaller goals. One of my goals to be in my healthiest body yet again. Which means committing to getting on my yoga mat, my bike or at the very least always walking my boys to school every day. Secondly, mindful eating and giving myself the best nutrition. The third most important goal for me out of my competing priorities, was seeing a real shift in my relationship with my husband.

15 years in on this journey together, there isn’t much we haven’t been through to this point. But we certainly weren’t creating exactly what we wanted. We were both busy with our individual goals and I was believing the story, that I would get to all the other goals later.

The Journey and the Goal

There was a place I had to stop believing my own limiting stories. I had to start to write my future once again. I could see there was evidence around me, of people achieving what I wanted to with all of their own competing priorities. I began to look for the how, instead of the why I can’t. I began to notice the subtle differences in my body and my relationships and found the proof that my focus was causing it.

Look for the thoughts or seeds, that are growing tall weeds that shadow your flowers. Rip the weeds out by the roots, provide sunlight, water and fertiliser to grow what you truly wish to flourish in your garden. Allow yourself to be the judge of your own success. Remember how far you’ve come from where you began and trust in the power of your clear vision to produce results in time.


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