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Knowing your Possibilities are Endless!

Updated: Feb 22

You may have landed at this post today, in your search to learn how to work from home. So if this is you, you're in the right place. I'm going to cover off a bit of a left field subject that isn't specific to working from home, but is a fundamental and universal truth that will affect not only your business, but the results you create across multiple areas of your life. OMG, sounds heavy but it's really just a reminder of a truth you already know ;)

Welcome to the space in between

The place of possibility and potential! It can be an exciting place or a scary one, dependent upon where we choose to focus. We're entering the place in between the previous version of ourselves and the new emerging us. It is the place where the story we tell ourselves, becomes the reality that we will create. Still sounds heavy, right?

What we know already

Science is now able to confirm for us that our brains are not able to differentiate, between seeing an object or imagining an object. This means imagining an object, lights up the same areas of the brain as seeing an object. If we think about this is terms of visualisation ( eg; day dreaming of an awesome new career working from home online) then our brain is able to experience this as a reality that is already happening. The brain is unable to differentiate imagining from reality.

So if we choose to place our focus on the image of us successfully working from home, our brains will assist us to acquire this. We will become attuned to entrepreneurial success stories or see advertising related to what we're looking to create. Conversely, if we are creating through thoughts of fear, maybe a past business failure or difficulty learning something new - we will begin to look for signs of this in the world to confirm our internal beliefs. We may start to shoot down potential ideas before we've even looked closely, to avoid the pain we imagine ourselves experiencing as a result of our negative image.

We see this illustrated clearly in our own lives, when our memories can trigger intense emotions such as loss or happiness. So if we were to believe ourselves to be limited, say in our potential to create success in business, our brain can create only through this filter as it's reality. They say you are what you eat, our choice of foods literally creating our body reality cell by cell. The same is true for our thoughts creating our experience and therefore our reality. They also say be careful what you wish for, I say just make it a good one!

The Observer

We can understand this a little less mind blowingly, when we separate consciousness from the thinking mind. Say what now? This is easy to see in yourself, if ever find yourself in disagreement with your own thoughts. You might think - "Your brain says a little bit of chocolate won't hurt, you deserve it don't deny yourself.", but you know you're really opening the flood gates to eating all the unhealthy treats you've wanted for the week. So there's a back and forth argument until consciousness looses and you're regretfully surrounded by a bunch of empty packets again, arghh!

Another way to see how thinking and thoughts are separate to the self, is the ability of ones self to observe a thought and pass judgement on it. We're not always aware that the thinking mind is but a tool, left to its own devices it can be a continual babble, of rehashed information from past, present or future. If we are unaware we can believe these repetitive thoughts to be the truth, rather than a construct of our mind.

If we've programmed our mind with our dreams and goals for the future, we're engaged with our potential and possibility. But if we engage with our repetitive thoughts (particularly those that aren't even ours but maybe opinions of others) and unknowingly use them as the foundations through which we create our life, we create results that are counter to our real desires.

Learning through Mindfulness

It's key that that we learn to get clear on what is real and what is a memory or an imagining that no longer serves us. Learn more about how using a mindfulness symbol can assist in your awareness practice here.

We need to learn to know for ourselves, be independent of the thoughts and beliefs of others that don't have the same goal as us. So when it comes to our reaching our full potential in business, earning, love and life, we are truly limited only to our imaginations and the belief in our own potential!

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