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Making Money your friend.

Going from Pay Cheque to Pay Check.

As an entrepreneur the one thing I needed to get really clear on, was my relationship to money. As an employee I dutifully got out of bed come hell or swine flu and gave above and beyond to the best of my ability, for that weekly pay. So although some jobs were unfulfilling over time or at worst dreaded, they temporarily satiated the fear that lay at the core of my relationship with money.

For years I gleaned from parents, teachers and the world around me the importance of achieving great outcomes at school and what that would mean for my potential in the real-world. Schooled to choose a path early and aim toward a specialty, the advice of the masses is to invest time and money to gain qualifications for successful employment.

The pay cheque - the money steadily rolling in every week, the agreed method of operation for a happy life.

The pay check - if you're reading this blog, chances are you've already tried this trusty or not so trusty method of operation. You may have found yourself now in a position of over qualification, redundancy, hitting an income ceiling, difficulty competing for the few positions available or even lack of passion for the job you've spent thousands qualifying for. You may have decided a change is in order, for your life to take a new direction. If you've decided it may be time to consider starting a business, your certainly not alone.

Choosing the Right Business.

Unlike employment, businesses may require set up over time, potential learning curves and cash flow, all of which are an investment. When employed, you're employed to create the vision of the company, when your self employed the vision is the one, only you can see. So it's definately personal, it's coloured by our emotions and it exists at the whim of our driving force.

Google provides many a search for home business ideas. One such search listed home business ideas under $100. They ranged from home day care to poultry (yes, seriously - hand raising chickens in your back yard). Whether your selling chickens or caring for children, the value for your service and time is by an agreed value of monetary worth, that already exists in a competitive market place. Therefore your time and effort have a fixed price attached to them based on the amount of service or product, you're able to provide for the hours you'll use to provide it.

Getting clear on your financial vision for your future can be a great determiner when deciding which path to follow. If you're willing to follow the numbers right through from investment to sale, you'll get a clear idea of your potential earnings. A few hours of valuable calculating will allow you to see how your business will flow through the years.

So if you're looking to create millions out of an business investment under $100, you may be limiting yourself for reasons other than lack of funding. You may want to consider getting clear on your relationship to money. If you aren't prepared to look for a business as an investment, you may need to ask, what has you doubting investing in yourself? Behind the lack of courage to invest will be a story. One you've decided upon in perhaps in agreement with those around you or through previous experiences.

Power and Conscious Creating

From my teens I pursued a career in fashion design, where I utilised my creative talents. I saw my childhood dream realised as I watched my designs go from paper to production to catwalk! Momentary thrills were years in the making, from the imaginings of a 9 year old little girl. I overcame obstacle after obstacle in a single minded pursuit of my goals, so found myself capable of great perseverance, power and conscious creating early in my mid 20's.

After working so closely with business owners, I found an entrepreneurial fire had been lit inside me. The courage of youth saw me involved in the founding of 4 companies before beginning my young family at 30. I wouldn't say I was conscious of the fear that held me back from playing full out at any of these pursuits, but it's certainly clear to me in hind sight. Creating through my lens of fear of failure meant that 2 businesses were a bust and I decided to end them with lack of courage to invest any further. Two were successful , but didn't allow me to create more than an employment level of income, with zero time freedom or independent operation from partnerships. I even had the backing of the universe, with a previous employer offering me capital and mentoring for my next worthy idea. At this point my self doubt had become so ingrained the thought of a person investing their money in "me" saw me run the other way and I returned to the perceived security of employment.

Creating a Vision for your Future!

After raising my young family and trying to juggle the inflexibility of employment, I began once again to hold a space for the new. I knew I was more, I knew there was more and I knew I deserved to make money my friend and so I began my search to find my fit. Incredibly aware of my fear of failure, but driven by my desire to have more than unfulfilling, I had to decide to look for possibility rather than problems. I looked for differences, not similarities to my past. I chose the potential that would allow me to think big when creating the vision for my future.

The fear can see us spending our days contemplating all the potential outcomes to failure. But the decision to allow ourselves the space to fail our way to success, is the basis of many a successful entrepreneur's story. Fear is the reminder of where success is found - outside of the current comfort zone. So if your feeling stretched, if your feeling a little growth maybe required, it no doubt will be. There is no change without creation and creation by it's definition is the action of bringing something into existence. The investment of your time, your money and your energy into creating your new reality.

Making Room for your Success

It may or may not be easy to see the fear response in ourselves, but it's the stress response of fight or flight that allows us to respond during danger. We are no longer required to run from the saber tooth tiger, but our minds are such powerful tools, that perceived danger such as fear of failure can literally cause the fight or flight response also.

In another career incarnation, as a Gita Hatha Yoga Teacher, I was well trained in guiding students to gain consciousness in a specific sequence of postures, to regain control of their autonomic nervous system and essentially reverse the physical response cycle. We have powerful tools at our command that can assist us in gaining control of the mind, which left uncontrolled can be a repetitive machine. So if you find your self stuck, try something from the list below - your mindset will be the most powerful business tool in your box, feed it well.

  1. Yoga - Gita Hatha Yoga focuses on the endocrine system, pranayama and progressive yoga relaxation. You can find them online at https://www.gitaworld.international/

  2. Personal Development - Books, Audio Podcasts, You Tube

  3. Physical Exercise - walking is my favourite and allows me the time to list some things I am grateful for in my day.

  4. Visualisation - creating the space in your mind, heart and energy field for what you want. Making room for your success.

  5. Fun - it's a marathon not a sprint, ensure you make time for the fun and laughter of life!

Namaste my friends.

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