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Celebrate Building your Business Step by Step!

Accountability in Action!

You may be someone with vision, who has found themselves moving out of employment territory and into the realm of building a new business. Leaving behind the perceived notion of job security and job expectations, to embark upon a new adventure of being self determined and responsible.

With many a new thing to be learnt the very least of which being, accounting (arghhh!!!) and one of the most important, accountability (arghhh!!!). Thankfully I'm not going to natter on about accounting, that's what accountants are for bless them. But I am going to touch on accountability.

Good Bye Monday-itis, "Hello" check yourself.

So your working for yourself now! You may relish the thought of Monday mornings these days. No more dragging oneself out of bed, to drag oneself to a job, phew! But...now it's up to you. You may be the excited entrepreneur, leaping out of bed with a mind or list full of things you want to accomplish for the day. Time to embrace your toughest boss. With no one there to check every 5 minutes you're actually doing what you said you were going to, means holding yourself accountable.

I love working from home but often find myself set with the tasks for day in front of me, when my thoughts begin to try to beat you at my own game. Brain: "I really think you should hop on that yoga mat, after all you know when you feel great, you work great!" It is tempting that's for sure, to be distracted into anything other than doing my work. Sudden thirst for tea and toasted sandwich's seems so real.

Find your Strategy for Success

In my current business and over the course of my career, I've had the privilege of access to some amazing personal development concepts and exercises. One of the most simplest concepts that changed my life through my relationship with time has been - 10 minute tasks. Taking the time to complete small achievable chunks of work in 10 minute blocks. After practicing these small chunks for a series of months - my brain seems far less concerned by the distractions of my household, and able to focus for much longer periods towards it's sense of achievement - even though this is often much longer than 10 minutes worth of work. I used to feel time constrained and panicked throughout my day, the hours seemed to fly by without much achievement. Being able to set a simple task of 10 minutes work - allows me to squeeze out a little extra effort. Knowing how much I can really achieve in that time, is a huge game changer!

Celebrating your Success Milestones

Today I wanted to ensure I got my blog post out - it took me longer than 10 minutes, but instead of procrastinating on it for 20 minutes first, I stopped the story running in my head, sat down and wrote, voile! I'm celebrating these small steps everyday by simply listing them down each day and viewing the huge amount of activity accomplished by the end of each week. My brain feels relaxed, I'm ready to achieve more with way less effort, in a much shorter space of time.

It's easy to forget that our brain works under our direction. It is a thinking machine that requires our positive and carefully planned programming. I work first to remain in alignment with my companies mission statement. I look after mind, body and spirit taking great of care of the CEO of this dream. Then most important of all, I hold myself accountable for my results, all the hard work, wins and learning's that allowed me to get to the prize step by beautiful little step.

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