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Create the Space for your Success in Business.

Living your dream life

Sometimes we can get so used to the way things are, that we might not realise the truth even if it's really bad. It's common to give up trying for anything more, as we fall into the habit of expecting less.

So how do we know it's time for a change? I once found myself in the middle of a work day wondering if the thunder rumbling over head were to produce lightening to strike me, if perhaps I might get some time off work and not have to face it all tomorrow.

I think it's safe to say your not living your dream life when thoughts of rare injury sound better than going to work the next day.

Fessing Up

Being honest with yourself is the first major hurdle. For once you admit you're NOT on the path to creating the success you see for yourself and your future - it's time to take ACTION. It's time to play full out with your life and make decisions about where your really going.

The Journey

Creating space for your success involves a little bit more than finding the path that is in alignment with your journey - although this can be a feat all of it's own.

It's going to take quite a mental shift to have the courage to back yourself on your dream time and time again. You may face the ideas and beliefs of the people around, you who may not share your enthusiasm for working toward a dream. They may believe there is safety and security in employment despite the many people who lose their jobs each day. Your ability to handle this scrutiny is what sets the entrepreneurs apart from the crowd.

Find your tribe.

Be proud, stand your ground for a life lived to it's full potential. Find like minded people, create your space, feed your mind with truth's of those who have walked the path before you and begin to see yourself as someone capable of achieving each milestone on your journey.

Yes... it will be a journey, the key is not to become so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the beauty along the way.

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