• Amanda Morgan

When Working From Home Means Leaving Home!

Updated: Jan 7

The Future is Here

Working from home used to be seen as the domain of the fluffy slipper or heaven forbid some worse attire (or lack of), behind the computer screen.

But the world has become more of an entrepreneurial zone, rather than one of stable employment. People spanning all generations are searching for a way to establish an independent career or create a new path altogether.

I speak with people around the globe daily, who are searching for the freedom I get to enjoy, working my business online from my home or anywhere I happen to travel with my laptop or phone.

Gone are the days where working for yourself, meant being tied to a physical location restricted to business hours, being available to open a premises or stocking and shipping products. I've travelled more since starting my online business, than I did in all my other years combined.

Having the income to provide my family with the new experience of travelling, has seen us grow in so many ways, as we step out of our comfort zones and embrace the the unpredictable nature of the unknown. Find more tips about personal growth through travel here.

Your Experience is Important

Throughout my years in the work force I was always a "seeker", driven to curiosity through my experiences. I've run my own businesses and worked with small business owners, entrepreneurs and self made millionaires. I consider myself very lucky, to have gained first hand experience of the power and potential of a cultivated mindset, in creating great success.

When I say I've been a "seeker" - I mean it's been quite the search over many years, to find the perfect fit for me. I've allowed my experiences to open, rather than close me. So when I searched for a business of the future, I kept an open mind to differences rather than similarities.

In the past I've attended party plan hotel meetings, franchise meetings and watched instructional video's to find my fit. In pursuit of my perfect business, I retrained myself physically, mentally and habitually to cultivate the success mindset and utilised programs and courses of those creating the results I wanted to achieve. In doing so, I learnt to trust my gut, combined with my heart and my head, to see if I could achieve the goals on my wish list - when the potential was outlined to me.

The Comfort Zone

But the one piece of advice that's been given to me that continues to serve me in my decision making process, on a moment by moment basis relates to the "comfort zone".

One thing that will always need to be surmounted on the journey to the new involves "Leaving Home" or leaving the comfort zone. This is a zone that only we as individuals know.

We may or may not know what we have done or not done to create our own success. The one thing we do know is that the success we have yet to attain, is not in the zone. If it was we would have already found it.

So it's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Time to embrace the new ideas and dare to step away from popular opinion, on where our success and happiness lie. Spread those broken wings and ... prepare for discomfort before you...learn to fly!

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