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At the completion aged 19, I decided this wasn’t the life for me. I flailed around making ends meet sometimes working 3 part time jobs at a time, trying to find a segway into a career, where I could make a difference. In my spare time I tried to create fundraising events and even turned my hand to freelance journalism. My career options were slim and narrowing by the day, not even a citizen, I was accepted as a mature age student into University, but had no way to obtain a student loan.


At this point I was yet to realise the Universe had my back, heck life was so stressful at this time, that giving up everything – sometimes seemed easier than continuing. I prayed during my lunch time for a solution to leave at least one of the jobs, that were killing my soul. It was during my weekly yoga class at the relaxation portion, that it hit me – I wanted to assist people to this amazing state of relaxation and stress relief that I had just experienced.


Out of sheer luck (aka divine intervention) I found a course that was closing due to starting in a month for the next 18 months. After being interviewed and accepted, I had very little time to figure out how to finance it and begin, but with the Universe now on my side, it fell into place without a hitch and I graduated in 2006.


Little did I know the training I received there would assist me to see through the COVID19 2020 crisis and enable me to recognise just what these challenging times are. We were told at the time, that our soul group was being trained to assist people (on the mat) with the stress and challenge, of moving into a New Era. As we move away from the age of Pisces, to the new energies of Aquarius, it’s difficult to say the least, to release old energetic patterns and beliefs and prepare for a new level of human consciousness.


I know many of us have lost loved ones, jobs, homes, freedom and importantly a lot of people have almost, or have lost hope, with the NW() hot on everyone’s heels. After recognising the truth of our situation in March 2020, I moved my business away from Online Business Mentoring and began recreating Creating Freedom Solutions as a place for content, understanding and education to assist during these times.


If this information resonates with your desire for a continuing free world, then join me across social platforms to find the truths hidden by our complicit media. You’ll find me on Parler here, or click the social buttons below for the others.


Wishing you love and light from my corner of the globe (now Melbourne, Australia) to your corner of the globe



Creating Freedom Solutions is a culmination of my life’s work! I grew up in the South Island of New Zealand and lived in a single parent household, in the era of the 40 hour famine. I clearly remember my mother using up what little left over wool she had from knitting our jumpers, to donate and send to wherever those donations happened to go. The world’s issues I continued to carry as my issues.


However, as a young tween (before tweens was a thing) I got the distinct impression, that helping others required you to have taken care of yourself first. Becoming independent became my goal and I turned further away from my love of all creative art, and closer towards what I thought would enable me to not be a starving artist, I manuovered my way into the Fashion Industry via a 4 year apprenticeship.


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